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Jimmy Angelov Bath Bomb

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Jimmy Angelov. If you were a nineties kid, with what SOME might call a nervous disposition , this is as scary as it gets. Maybe you still get chills when you hear that ‘you are always on my miiiiiiind’ song playing and you just know Jimmy is rising up from the ground in his cowboy boots, surrounded by rose bushes, shouting ‘ I want you...to be my wiiiiife’ in a gruff Bulgarian accent. Or is that just me? this HPC fragrance is a fresh but woody blend of crisp fallen leaves, acorns, musk and moss covered cedar wood. *heads up, this bomb contains a fair amount of raw Cacau. This can sometimes make colours stick to tubs. We do use all water soluble colours but just to be on safe side, it’s much better to give the bath a quick wipe before the water drains so that the Cacau doesn’t cool and cling colourant to the sides.