Happy Place Cosmetics

School Cake Soap

4.50 GBP
Ok guys listen. We honestly did try to think of a cool name. We agonised for ages over this. Eventually we discussed the problem with a great Happy Place friend and fan , (who was also our very first ever customer) and we explained that we couldn't think of a good name for this new soap, which was inspired by our nostalgic memories of the best cake in the world. Those square slabs of sponge cake with raspberry jam and coconut, served on school trays, by kind dinner ladies, in overwhelming dinner halls, eaten on chairs where your feet didn't quite reach the floor yet, with one hair bobble missing and your jumper tied round your waist, and your biggest concern being eating your lunch as quickly as you could so you could get to the hopscotch pad quicker than that evil bitch Sarah and her cronies.... sorry I think I got carried away there. Anyway. We decided that the soap was meant to be like School Cake, and why should it have to hide behind a cooler, more sophisticated name. Its a legend in its own right and it doesn't need a fancy title to make it great! School cake lives on! (Ps- sarah was a real person. Twenty two years later and I'm still salty about hopscotch. Maybe this soap should be called #petty)