Happy Place Cosmetics

Let Them Eat Cake- Soap

4.65 GBP
Ok let's get one thing completely clear before you guys start flooding our Instagram DM's with the same question you ask every time. The answer is no. NO. NO you CANNOT eat it. Yes we know it looks yummy. Yes we know it smells yummy. But the answer is NO. We love you all very much. But the answer is still no. THIS IS SOAP. Please feel free to clean yourself with it, or just sit it in a soap dish with a little sign saying 'yes this is soap but it's just here to show it off please don't actually come near it with water' Ps- it smells like cake. Kind of obvious but just in case you hadn't guessed. Victoria sponge cake to be precise. Vanilla sponge, strawberry jam, icing sugar. Yummy. DONT EAT IT.