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Bougie Shower Gel

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Our Bougie Fragrance, in a completely SLS free liquid shower gel form. As featured in the April Sub Box! With a rich pink aesthetic and a warm, caramel cinnamon and buttered nutmeg cookie Fragrance you are sure to love. Similar to Yog Nog 250ml *We have found that with some of our shower gel formulas, because we avoid using SLS and we have a largely natural derived ingredient base to them, on occasion they can be temperamental in terms of 'separating' if they decide they are feeling huffy about the temperature of your bathroom. This is nothing to worry about, and takes only a quick shake to make them behave again. It doesn't affect the product performance and does not mean anything has gone wrong. We did consider a formula change to combat it, but for now we would rather keep them as mild as they are, without adding extra chemicals because this does only happen on occasion, and is really only a visual pain in the backside, which takes a quick shake to resolve.